Uber uses push alerts to crack down on fake driver problem

Uber is rolling out safety reminders for riders in an effort to crack down on fake drivers.

The company said it will send push alerts that remind riders to look at the license plate number, car make and model, and compare the name and photo of driver to who shows up, before getting into a vehicle.

“In the app, when you’ve ordered your Uber and it’s on the way, you will get more persistent, more frequent push notifications to your phone that remind you to check your ride,” Uber’s chief legal officer Tony West said Thursday on NBC’s Today Show.

Uber will also make the safety reminder information available on a banner within the app.

The updates intend to help prevent customers from getting into a vehicle with someone posing as an Uber driver. Just over two weeks ago, University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson was kidnapped and killed after getting into what she thought was her ordered Uber in late March.
Josephson’s parents launched a campaign, #WhatsMyName?, to spread awareness of the fake driver issue by encouraging riders to ask the question “What’s my name?” before getting into vehicles.

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