The Top 100 Websites in the World

As a greater portion of the world begins to live more of their life online, the world’s top 100 websites continue to see explosive growth in their traffic numbers.

The Top 100 Websites

The 100 biggest websites generated a staggering 206 billion visits in June 2019. Google, YouTube, and Facebook took the top spots, followed by Baidu and Wikipedia. Below is the full ranking:

Global RankDomainMonthly visits (billions)ParentCountry
1Google.com60.49Alphabet Inc United States 24.31Alphabet Inc United States
3Facebook.com19.98Facebook, Inc United States
4Baidu.com9.77Baidu, Inc China
5Wikipedia.org4.69Wikimedia Foundation United States
6Twitter.com3.92Twitter, Inc United States
7Yahoo.com3.74Verizon Comm. Inc United States
8pornhub.com3.36Mindgeek Canada
9Instagram.com3.21Facebook, Inc United States
10xvideos.com3.19WGCZ Holding Czech Republic

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