Tesla: We Will Have Full Self-Driving by 2020. Robo-Taxis, Too.

Teslas will be fully autonomous next year. The word, from Elon Musk, came just two days before a Tesla earnings-and-sales report that is not going to be kind to the company. The Tesla CEO took to the stage Monday to announce fabulous, industry-leading breakthroughs in full self-driving (FSD) that will put Tesla cars and Tesla robo-taxis on the road as early as next year, in at least one market. The plan is to use two Tesla-designed chips that will fit in a glovebox circuit board rather than take over the trunk.

Musk said Teslas will be “feature complete” for self-driving as of vehicles built this year; self-driving (Level 5, the real self-driving) could be a reality by Q2 of 2020. That puts Tesla well ahead of every other automaker if Tesla, in fact, delivers what it promised Monday.

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Full Self-Driving video from Tesla