JPMorgan Says New Blockchain Partnership With Microsoft Will Solve Business and Social Problems

The largest bank in the United States has partnered with the largest software provider to bring enterprise blockchain to the masses.

In a joint statement released today, JPMorgan tried to position the partnership with Microsoft—which will allow enterprises to use the bank’s publicly available Quorum blockchain—as having implications far beyond the corporate world.

“We are incredibly proud of the success Quorum has had over the last four years, as organizations around the world use Quorum to solve complex business and societal problems via blockchain solutions,” Umar Farooq, JPMorgan’s global head of Blockchain, said in a statement.

The two companies, whose combined valuation is $1.3 trillion, said they signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate the adoption of blockchain among large enterprises. The statement positions JPMorgan as the first distributed ledger platform available through the Azure Blockchain Service, a set of tools designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s cloud platform.

As part of the agreement Microsoft will provide engineering, consulting and go-to-market support for the platform.

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