Google is scanning your Gmail inbox to keep a detailed list of your purchases

Google and other companies store massive amounts of your personal data, some that you may not even be aware of.

In fact, Google tracks what you buy and keeps the extensive history compiled on your account. As CNBC recently discovered, a page called ” Purchases” shows Google users a list of purchases they’ve made.

The list doesn’t include a complete history of what you’ve bought, though, and only includes purchases that come with a digital receipt sent to your Gmail account. Essentially, Google is mining your inbox to compile this list in one place.

  • Google keeps track of many purchases you make that send digital receipts to your Gmail inbox.
  • Your buying history is kept on a page called “Purchases,” as CNBC discovered.
  • There’s no simple way to delete this history — instead, you have to delete each individual emailed receipt.

See full details in article from Business Insider below