Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

The Fisker Ocean is an ambitious new electric SUV that promises a vegan interior, a full solar panel roof, and a price tag of less than $40k. 

To make a splash in the world of electric vehicles, an automaker either needs to manufacture a battery that doesn’t exist or do something to challenge Tesla. At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, automotive designer, Henrik Fisker, attempted the latter by officially unveiling the Fisker Ocean.

A fully electric SUV, the Ocean boasts a few unique features that, if delivered upon, would catch the attention of any prospective EV buyer. The first of which is its price. Starting at just $37,499 (before any federal tax credit kicks in), it’s much cheaper than Tesla’s own SUV, the Model X, and more in line with Tesla’s budget sedan, the Model 3. According to Fisker, leases of the Ocean will also come standard with no long-term contract, as well as all routine maintenance taken care of by the automaker itself.

But perhaps Fisker’s most ambitious hurdle with the Ocean is how it hopes it can achieve the mantle of “the world’s most sustainable vehicle” upon launch. To the company’s credit, this wasn’t said without providing a few potential receipts. First, there’s its full solar panel roof capable of amassing and transmitting a very small (for now) amount of power back into the vehicle’s battery.

Then there’s the fact Fisker intends to manufacture the SUV’s interior to be entirely vegan. Specifically, it plans to do this by only using reinforced Rayon backing and polycarbonate polyurethane surfaces, as well as recycled plastic bottles and repurposed rubber. Even its carpeting follows a similar lifestyle and will reportedly be comprised of recycled fishing nets.

Though the Ocean’s under-the-hood performance statistics weren’t shared, Fisker did say it’s hoping for a top-out range in the ballpark of roughly 250 to 300 miles and that it plans to run on an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery. The Ocean is scheduled to go into production in 2021 with a release slated for 2022.

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