Apple is making it easier to recycle your old iPhone

Apple is giving customers new ways to recycle their iPhones. It’s part of the company’s lofty long-term goal of using only recycled or renewable materials to make its products.

On Thursday, Apple released its 2019 Environment Report outlining the steps it is taking to help protect the environment from the negative impacts of its own business.

Last year, the company unveiled an iPhone-recycling robot named Daisy. It now has two of these robots. They can each take apart 1.2 million used iPhones per year and recover their valuable materials.

Apple says that thanks to new upgrades, Daisy can also disassemble 15 different types of iPhones. It can take 200 phones apart per hour. (Before Daisy, Apple used a recycling robot named Liam. Daisy is about one-third of the size of its predecessor and has more advanced capabilities).

For the first time, materials recovered by Daisy are making their way into new Apple products this year. For example, aluminum the robot extracts from an older iPhone is being reused in new Macbook Air laptops, according to the company.

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