Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveils new plans for Blue Origin spaceflight

“Big things start small.”
Those are the words Bezos used to end his presentation.

To tie it all together, Bezos says space needs much more infrastructure if we’re going to live out there.

Blue Moon is about expanding that infrastructure, and getting us to a point where thousands of entrepreneurs can build their own space businesses.

Blue Origin is building a brand new rocket engine for landing on the moon

It’s called BE-7, and its designed to make all the complicated maneuvers that it takes to safely land on the lunar surface.

Bezos said they’ve been working on the design for three years and could test fire the engine for the first time this summer.

Bezos’ said developing Blue’s New Shepard vehicle answered a lot of questions about how to safely land on the moon. He described the right engine as the final problem.

Blue Moon, the name of Blue’s lunar lander, already has about six customers, Bezos announced. They include academic institutions.

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